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Our Mission

To help Veterans who want to try an alternate method of medication in place of or to help them taper off of medications.  We do this by providing no cost medical cards to Veterans as funds allow, eventually a list of dispensaries that are veteran friendly with discounts, and such.  We are building a community online and hopefully can have a battle buddy in your area that you can medicate with and talk with, and our final goal is to have a 24/7 chat room available for Vets who just need to talk. We get our funds to pay for all this through donations, our cannibus game show, and sponsorships.  

22 Suicides Per Day

As hard as it is to believe, 22 Veterans per day take their own lives in the United States alone. That’s over 8,000 suicides each year! This is an incredibly important issue that needs to be addressed and discussed openly.


I believe suicide prevention starts with understanding why people make the choices they do. We need to look at how mental health issues such as depression play a role in this epidemic and how we can help individuals who are struggling. One of the most important things we can do is provide a safe place for those affected by these issues to share their stories and provide support for one another.

We are so grateful for our Veteran family.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our Team

Vetmaps was created late in 2020.  We had our first card drive event in April of 2021, that day we got 14 total Veteran cards, since then we have gotten over 100 veteran Medical Marijuana Cards in the state of Oklahoma. We strive to make sure no man gets left behind,  One of the things we say all the time is "We are building an army to help an army!  As Vetmaps grows we hope to add more programs and volunteers to help improve the lives of the Veterans we serve.   

Part of a long line of Army Veterans, Grandfather died in WW2 in Belgium, my Dad 101st AB Korea, Brother John 82nd AB, Me Just a Combat Engineer,  my son MP Afghanistan. We love our country. Vetmaps was formed because like me many of us suffer from mental and physical illnesses that cause us to want to take our lifes. 12 hours resuscitated 3 days in a coma over and overdose. My best friend died of a stroke. Taking 16 Hydrocodone a day plus high blood pressure. I found Cannabis works for me in place of other addicting substances. Cannabis saved my life and has improved it so much. So long opiates, Hello THC. Stop the stigmatimatizom. 

I was widowed at 46, my first husband had ALS( Lou gherigs disease) My mission started there to find him something to help him get through this life to the next.  Through trial and error, lots of self education, and a medical marijuana patient as well,  we stumble through the last 3 years of his life.  I met James not soon after my husband passed and listened to him and his passion for the Vets and his own battles.  I sat through a few business meeting decided I was on board.  That's when Vetmaps was born, and we took James dream to a different level. 

James Ladabouche

Army Veteran & Founder

Wendy Miller

Co Founder & Operator

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